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Company formation in Belize

Unlike most other tax havens, Belize is not an island and has a strong and diversified national economy. At the same time, the offshore services sector contributes significantly to the growth of this country's income. Therefore, the government and the public have broad support for the further development of Belize as a leading offshore financial center. Belize is one of two countries in Central and South America, where the official language is English.

Belize IBC is a private company that is tasked with engaging in any international business. IBC is exempt from tax in its home jurisdiction, has extensive functions to protect the confidentiality of its owners and is not subject to any onerous reporting requirements.

Belize IBC is established in accordance with the Law of Belize International Business Companies. This legislation was initially adopted in 1990, and then extended and amended in 2000. The Belize IBC Act is recognized all over the world as one of the most modern and user-friendly legal solutions for offshore corporations. Belize IBC is an ideal corporate vehicle for international financial transactions, designed specifically for foreign investors and to investment in real estate in Poland. Belize regulations facilitate the quick and easy registration of companies with its modern and computerized IBC register, it is able to process company's registration within an hour.

Belize - advantages of jurisdiction
Belize has probably the fastest IBC register in the world, where it takes only a few hours to register a new offshore company.
Belize IBCs are actually free from all taxes in Belize, with only a few simple pre-conditions.
Belize IBC are free of any reporting requirements.

Ultra-fast registration of the company
Belize probably ensures the fastest registration of an IBC company in the world. Registration on the same day in Belize is a standard - in fact, setting up a new IBC will usually only take a few hours. This is due to the highly efficient, computerized registration system introduced by the company register in Belize.

Belize IBC, as defined by the law, is not subject to any tax or duty on income or profits. These provisions are specified in the Law on IBC Belize. In particular, all revenues of the enterprise covered by the IBC Act in Belize; all dividends or other payments made by the company to persons who are not resident in Belize; any interest, rent, royalties, and other amounts paid by the company to persons who are not persons residing in Belize; all capital gains realized with respect to any shares, debt obligations or other securities of a company registered in accordance with the IBC Belize Act by persons who are not residents of Belize, are exempt from all provisions of the Belize Income Act.

Basically, Belize IBC is a completely tax-free offshore company, as long as it meets some simple conditions that are listed in the IBC Belize Act. The main requirement is that the IBC in Belize can not do business in Belize (but can do business with other Belize IBCs).

Due to all unreliable fiscal benefits, Belize IBC must pay a fixed annual fee to the Belize government. For most international companies, this fee is 100 USD. The actual amount of the government fee depends on the amount and type of IBC's target capital.

When registering a company, no information is submitted about the company's owners, directors and shareholders. This information remains known only to the licensed agent who is required by law to maintain full confidentiality. IBC's internal corporate registers, such as the register of shareholders, directors and protocols and resolutions, are kept by a registered agent and are also confidential. The only IBC Belize documents kept in the public register are the contract and the statute. These documents do not contain any guidance on actual owners or directors

Belize IBC does not have any minimum capital requirement.
Belize IBC is a separate legal entity for all legal purposes and has the same rights as a natural person.