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Company formation in Antigua & Barbuda

Over the years Antigua and Barbuda has developed as an offshore financial center. The law on international companies IBC on Antigua was enacted in 1982. With many patches over the years that have helped make Antigua more modern and competitive. The company from Antigua, similarly to the registration of a company with o.o. Katowice can be registered by people of any nationality. Antigua IBC can allocate capital for investing in real estate in Poland on a market with huge potential.

Benefits of the company on Antigua:
1. Full exemption from all direct taxes in respect of commercial and investment activities.
2. Exemption from tax withheld at source and stamp duty.
3. No minimum capital requirement.
4. Permission to transfer IBC to foreign jurisdiction or vice versa.
5. IBC may issue shares with or without par value. Bearer shares are also allowed.
6. Quick procedure for the processing of the application (the decision can be issued within 24 hours).

Antigiua IBC may only carry out business activities outside Antigua and Barbuda. However, they must have an office in the territory of the country and have a registered licensed agent.

IBC must have at least one shareholder, which may be both natural and legal person. There is no requirement that they should be residents of Antigua and Barbuda. The shareholder's data is not reported to the public register, which guarantees a high level of privacy.

IBC from Antigua must have at least one director who may or may not be a shareholder. It can be both a private person and a company. Director's data, as in the case of shareholders, are not public.

It is common practice to appoint at least one secretary who must be a natural person. There is no minimum share capital requirement, the requirement only applies to sectors with a license. Most activities do not require a license. Licensed activities are banks, insurance, casinos and bookmaker as well as trust services. In this case, information about shareholders and directors is reported to the registry.

Each company must have a unique name. Name can not contain the words: bank, insurance, and names that can be misleading, suggesting that the company is associated with the government.

IBCs are easy to manage because shareholders meetings and directors meetings can take place on the territory of the country as well as abroad, but they must take at least once a year. There is no obligation to submit annual financial statements (except for companies that require a license).

Equities and capital requirements
There is no minimum capital requirement. Normally, the approved share capital is 50,000 USD. The minimum share capital may be one share without nominal value or one share with a nominal value, and all shares issued must be fully paid up. Registered shares, bearer shares, shares with no face value, preference shares, redeemed shares and voting shares or without voting rights are allowed.

IBC taxation
There is a 50-year tax exemption for IBC in Antigua. The exemption applies to most forms of income, dividends, interest and royalties paid by and for foreigners.

Antigua IBC can be created with one director and one shareholder. Establishing a company from Antigua takes about one business day. People who want to set up an IBC company have to take into account the many benefits it has to offer: asset protection, confidentiality and tax exemptions.

Assets located in Antigua companies are protected by jurisdiction legislation and may not be disclosed by foreign legislation and court orders. The names of the beneficiaries of the assets of the Antigua companies together with the names of the directors and all information regarding these persons are not made public.

Ustawa Antigua International Business Companies uniemożliwia ujawnienie informacji o spółkach lub ich faktycznych właścicielach.

Antigua IBC registered under the amended Act on international trading companies is not obliged to submit annual financial statements to tax authorities in the tax haven. The companies may store their financial data wherever they feel it is appropriate.