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Company formation in Anguilla

Anguilla is the overseas territory of the United Kingdom. The territory of Anguilla includes the island of Anguilla and several small adjoining islands and coral reefs that do not have a constant population.

The main corporate law is the Act on International Commercial Companies (IBC), adopted in 1994. The Act provides for the regulation of legal relationships occurring in connection with the operations of enterprises. The law defines English as the official language of documents.

Anguilla is a typical offshore jurisdiction. IBC companies of Anguilla (International Business Company) are not obliged to pay taxes. They do not have to submit financial statements. International Business Company (IBC) is registered for international financial activity and placement of funds. IBC can allocate capital for investing in real estate in Poland on a market with huge potential. Anguilla IBC is a representative company and has the same rights and benefits as a natural person.

In accordance with Anguilla's legislation, all cooperation with Anguilla residents is forbidden to IBC. IBC will not be able to conduct banking or trust activity on its own behalf, insurance activities and rental of real estate for the needs of another company's office are also prohibited by law. Anguilla International Business Company has the option of setting up a bank account.

Anguilla IBC provides its owners with complete confidentiality. The company's registration documents do not contain names of owners and shareholders, secretaries or directors. The information is stored in a registered office and is not public available. The names of directors are not registered in the register and are known only to the registered agent.

Anguilla's law protects the rights and privacy of IBC companies, which guarantees confidentiality, and any violation of this is a crime under Anguilla's law. In order to be fully anonymous, services nominated for directors and shareholders are available.

The benefits of having Anguilla IBC:
- minimum one shareholder is required;
- the shareholder may be another company;
- a minimum of one director is required;
- the director may be another company / legal entity;
- the secretary of the company is required;
- the same person (company) may simultaneously act as shareholder, director and secretary;
- shares may be issued as bearer shares but must be kept by the depositary;
- there is no minimum required share capital;
- shares may be issued in various forms, bearer or registered, with or without nominal value, preferential, and with or without voting rights;
- the registered office of IBC Anguilla is required;
- company registration 1 to 2 days.

Anguilla IBC must choose a unique name that can not recall the names of other companies from Anguilla. Anguilla IBC must have a local registered office and a local registered agent. At least one shareholder is required to set up a company. Shareholders can come from any country and stay anywhere in the world. Shareholders may be natural persons or corporations.

Anguilla IBC are exempt from corporation tax and capital gains tax. These exemptions are in force until the offshore company has business with the residents of Anguilla or the property owner in Anguilla.

Copies of the following documents should be filed in the company register: statute, founder's certificate, regulations and register of shareholders and directors. According to the Act on IBC companies, it is a crime to disclose any information about Anguilla companies. The company register is not publicly available.

There are no requirements for filing financial statements or appointing an auditor.

Anguilla IBC is not obliged to organize annual general meetings. However, if you decide to do so, you can organize meetings anywhere in the world.