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Company formation in Albania

Albanian limited liability company (SH.P.K.).
This form of activity is very popular among investors, because it requires only one shareholder and director. Albanian SH.P.K must have an Albanian office (address of the office) and deposit a minimum share capital of 100 Albanian medicines divided into shares. Like all companies, the overriding authority is the general meeting of shareholders, which appoints the director to take all day-to-day decisions and ensures compliance with the company's statute.

In Albania, companies are usually registered as Albanian Joint Stock Company (SH.A). As in the case of a limited liability company, it may have one shareholder, but its management decisions are made by the board of directors or the managing director and the supervisory board elected by the general meeting of shareholders. The company's registered office is obligatory and a minimum share capital of 3.5 million ALL must be paid in the case of a private joint-stock company or 10 million ALL if it is a public joint-stock company. The main difference between them is that only a public (open) joint stock company can subscribe to its shares on the stock exchange.

Foreign companies may establish branches, subsidiaries or representative offices in Albania, which are part of parent companies (branches and subsidiaries) or separate entities (representative offices). Branches and representative offices are allowed to perform various activities, but only if the parent company assumes full responsibility. If the capital is provided by the parent entity of the representative office, it may conduct research activities.

Albanian entrepreneurs can enter into partnerships where all members have equal responsibilities and can share profits. They can establish Albanian limited partnerships created by two partners. One partner must provide part of the capital and its liability is limited to the amount of this capital.

Preparation of relevant documents and registration of the company with o.o. in Albania.
At the beginning of the process of establishing a company in Albania, investors must check with the National Registration Center whether the chosen name for the company is free. Name of company is checked by the official in the register database. First, we must prepare and prepare the founding documents of a notary public. Then a registration process follows which is similar to registration company in Poland. In the Albanian National Registration Center, investors can make all registration procedures related to tax registration, including registration of health insurance, social security and registration of the directorate. The electronic register is fully functional so registration takes place in one application. Registration in the municipality at the tax office is also a step that must be taken and its implementation consists of sending the application and several documents (including registration certificate). The last stage of establishing a company in Albania is obtaining a unique stamp of the company. It is only after these activities that the company can start operating.

Taxes in Albania
The income of foreign and local companies is taxed at a rate of progressive tax in the amount of 7.5% to 15% depending on the volume of annual turnover. Small companies with an annual turnover of up to 2 million ALL will pay a fixed annual tax of PLN 25,000 ALL. For small enterprises with an annual turnover from 2 to 8 million ALL, the tax rate will be 7.5%. However, for companies with annual turnover above 8 million ALL, the tax rate is 15%. The amount of VAT is 20%.